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Would you like a discount on your taxes?
Discounts can be obtained by qualifying for exemptions.

What are Exemptions?
Exemptions are discounts awarded to property owners for the following reasons, please...

Ask Yourself:

Ask Yourself

Eligibility Requirements


Do you own your home and occupy the residence? If yes, you qualify for a Homestead Exemption. You must own and occupy the property on January 1st of any given year. If you’ve purchased a home in the current year, you will be eligible for the following year. Receive $15,000 in exemptions on your property value from your school district.
Are you 65 or over, or will you be 65 in current year and own a home? If you own the home you occupy and are 65 or going to be 65 during the year you are eligible for the same year. Various additional exemptions and tax ceilings from the taxing authorities.
Are you a surviving spouse age 55 or older of a deceased spouse with an over 65 exemption? If yes, your spouse must have claimed the over 65 exemption at the time of death. As the surviving spouse you must apply for this exemption within that year. A death certificate will be required for processing. Continuation of freezes and ceilings from a qualifying spouse.
Are you 65 or older and have purchased a new home and want to transfer your exemption? To transfer your over 65 exemption you must fill out a new application indicating the purchase date of your new home along with a Tax Ceiling Certificate of prior Homestead if outside of Kimble County by other Appraisal District. Percentage of frozen taxes are transferred to new home.
Are you disabled, unable to work, and own your home? If you are 100% disabled and unemployable you are eligible. Submit a letter from the Social Security Administration stating the effective date of your disability. Receive $10,000 in exemptions on your property value for school valuation.
Are you a Veteran with a minimum of 10% service connected disability and own property? If yes, you are eligible for exemptions based on your disability percentage. You must submit a letter from the Veteran’s Administration stating your disability percentage. Discount of $5,000 to $12,000 off your property value. Applies to all tax units.

To apply for any of these exemptions please complete and submit the appropriate application (see below). We can also be reached by calling us at (325) 446-3717, or visiting us at 501 Main Street, Junction, Texas.


Note: All applications must have a form of identification, such as a Texas Drivers License, Social Security Number or Texas ID.

Proof of legal ownership is required if the Appraisal District has not updated ownership:


A recorded warranty deed or a recorded contract of sale (no deed of trust or release of lien)


A divorce decree


A copy of the probated will


A recorded notarized affidavit of heirship

These services are provided FREE of charge. The Kimble Central Appraisal District is here to serve you!

For more information and the appropriate forms for:


Homestead, Over 65, or Disabled Savings


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